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Visiting Teams

The heart of NEASC Accreditation is peer review!

NEASC Accreditation relies on a voluntary, peer review process which engages thousands of educators in school visits each year. Participating on a NEASC Accreditation Visiting Team is a unique, immersive experience that volunteers ("Visitors") often refer to as the best professional development they've had as an educator.

Many have said that NEASC visits are the best professional development experiences and this is not an exaggeration. The opportunity to reflect and the ideas team members enjoy sharing, as well as the invaluable discussions on education are incredible. You truly feel like you have become part of a global community dedicated to learning.

— Lynne Bibi, PYP Elementary Teacher / Grade Level Leader, Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon
Get involved!
Community commitment

Once a school becomes a Candidate for Accreditation or is fully a Accredited Member School it is a very important aspect of the accreditation process — and a NEASC policy — that the school head encourage academic staff and leadership to qualify to serve as an NEASC volunteer and to allow them to serve on Visiting Teams/Committees when invited.

The experience garnered from these visits will be extremely helpful not only to the individual volunteers, but to their school as well, as it enhances a school's preparation for their own pathway to NEASC Accreditation and ACE Learning. 

Individual participation

Peer-review is a unique opportunity for schools to receive a detailed, objective evaluation/validation from trusted, highly qualified, and thoroughly trained colleagues in the educational community. Those interested in serving as a member of a NEASC-CIE Visiting Team are required to attend a one-day Visiting Team training workshop and subsequently submit additional materials as evidence of their readiness to conduct visits on behalf of NEASC. To see a list of upcoming training sessions, please visit: https://cie.neasc.org/events