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Visiting Team Resources

Thank you for volunteering your time!

CIE's Visiting Team Members are an outstanding asset to the process of accreditation. These well-trained peer reviewers put their best efforts forth when they visit our schools to observe teaching and learning, meet with members of the learning community, and validate the findings from the school's self-reflection.

Materials for Visitors

for ACE Learning

ACE Tool Kits

Important: you must be assigned to a specific school visit before access to these materials is granted.

Request access by sending an email to the CIE staff at cie@neasc.org

ACE Learning Webinars

for the 8th Edition

Several guides are available to assist visiting team members in carrying out responsibilities such as reviewing a school’s profile, analyzing opinion surveys and self-study reports, observing the school in progress, meeting with members of the school community, and preparing reports. 

The available 8th Edition resources include:

  • Handbook for Evaluators (8th Edition)
  • Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation v8.2 
  • Team Visit Booklet 
  • Preliminary/Preparatory Visit booklet 
  • First Report on Progress and Planning / FRPP 
  • Five-Year Visit booklet
  • The Evaluation and Accreditation of A New Program or Campus/Additional Grades 
  • Special Reports and Special Visit Booklet
  • Special Reports and Special Visits Template

If you need a copy of any of these resources, please email the CIE staff at cie@neasc.org.

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