Nominations for Visiting Team

Once a school becomes a candidate or accredited, it is part of CIE policy and a very important aspect of the process, that the School Director submit nominations for his teachers/administrators to serve on NEASC visiting teams overseas.  

The experience that is garnered from these visits will be extremely helpful - not only to the participants - but to their school as well, as it continues in the ongoing procedures of the 10-year accreditation cycle.  If they have been CIS or NEASC trained in the 8th Edition Guide -- that is definitely a plus.  

Please send no more than two nominations per school, as we try to send only one evaluator out per year per school, and we do not want to discourage the applicants by not calling on them.  For example, if we receive 10 nominations from one school we will not be able accommodate all of them and it’s discouraging for the applicant.

The Application for Membership on a Visiting Team (.doc) can be downloaded and distributed to select members of your staff to fill out and return to or fax to +1-781-425-1001.


Download Visiting Team Applcation (doc)  >>


Please don’t hesitate to include yourself in this process.  We are always in need of experienced international Heads to be part of our evaluation teams. Please feel free to submit this form at any time of the year as our teams go out in the spring and fall.


To serve as a Team Secretary, please download and complete the Application for Membership as a Team Secretary (.doc)  and return it to


Download Team Secretary Application  >>


We look forward to hearing from you.



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