Travel Arrangements for Evaluators

For the convenience of our evaluators, CIE has contracted with a travel agency based in Washington, D. C. If you choose to make your reservations through them, they will bill NEASC directly and we will, in turn, bill the host school. This will save you out-of-pocket expenditures.

The contact information is:

Passport Executive/FROSCH

Robert Goodrich

Mem Riley

Tel: + 1-800-222-9800


Bob or Mem can also be helpful with visa information and provide general information about inoculations if you are traveling to countries where this protection may be needed. In most countries a visa can be purchased at the airport for a minimal charge. Please save all receipts for reimbursement.
The Standard Visting Team arrives at the school on Saturday and departs the following Friday.  Please be certain to identify yourself as travelling for CIE.




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