Handbook for Evaluators

The Handbook for Evaluators has been revised to accompany the Eighth Edition of the CIS/NEASC Main Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation entitled Journey to Excellence in International Education’. 

The Handbook for Evaluators will assist team members in carrying out their responsibilities to review the school’s profile, analysis of opinion surveys and self-study, observe the school in progress, meet with members of the school community, prepare portions of the visiting team report, and join in recommending the school’s accreditation status. Usually, team members will be assigned one or more sections. Team members assigned to the section on Teaching and Learning will be responsible for preparing a report on each division at the School and additional team members will be responsible for preparing the vertical reports.

The handbook also emphasizes an interactive approach between the self-study committee and the visiting team. The self-study committee prepares the report using the Reporting Booklet. The visiting team in turn responds to the report from the self-study committee adds its comments directly onto the Reporting Booklet for each of the respective sections.

We hope that this handbook will assist the members of the visiting team in conducting a successful team visit. We want to underscore the importance of reviewing the information in this handbook, the self-study and all supporting materials for your assigned area as this advanced work will be invaluable to you once you arrive at the school. Our sincere best wishes for a successful visit.

Download the Handbook for Evaluators, Version 8.2. 

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