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The mission of CIE is the accreditation of American / International schools overseas thus we are heavily involved in the international community.  Listed below are links to regional associations, international teacher recruitment sites and other leading organizations whose goal is the betterment of international education throughout the world.  CIE works closely with these organization toward that goal.


Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE)
AAIE is a dynamic global community providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and research concerning development in the field of international education and school leadership and to advance international education through partnerships with educational institutions and associations worldwide. 

Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)
The mission of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) is to facilitate improvement in learning and teaching through communication and cooperation among member schools, and to promote professional growth of teachers, administrators, and board members.

East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS)
The East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools, formed in 1964, it is now an organizaton of 108 member schools in East Asia.  These schools have a total of more than 72,000 pre-k to 12th Grade students with an additional 97 associate members and over 27 individual members as of 2007.  In accomplishing its mission and vision, EARCOS plays a prominent leadership role throughout the global educational community with an objective to promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the achievements of member schools.


International Schools Services (ISS)
Since 1955, ISS has grown into a dynamic educational force in the overseas community.  A nonprofit corporation dedicated to excellence for children attending overseas schools worldwide, ISS is the leader in providing a comprehensive range of quality educational services for schools, educators, families and corporations.

Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS) 
MAIS is a professional organization that strives to improve the quality of education in its Member schools.  Located in Madrid, Spain.

The Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)
AASSA, founded in 1961 as a non-profit association aims to: discover and develop ways and means for improving understanding through international education; improve upon the quality of teaching and learning in Association schools; facilitate comunication and cooperative action between and among all Association schools; and facilitate cooperative action with national, state, local or non-governmental agencies in the field of international education. 

The Assocation of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS)
ACAMIS is a non-profit organization formed to facilitate communications and development between international schools in China and Mongolia, assisting member schools to grow and achieve the very best standards in education. 

The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI)
TAISI was founded in 2005.  Its primary objective is to create a platform on which the stakeholders of schools in the region can engage.  This engagement has, over the years, taken the form of dialogue, workshops, cooperation, sharing and alliance building.  TAISI's focus is on professional development for teachers, leadership building for heads, and skills building for students.  At the core of everything, is student learning.


The Association of Schools of Central America, Colombia, Caribbean and Mexico  - Tri-Association
The Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia, Caribbean and Mexico - The Tri-Association was established to provide services and information to three regional educational associations:
      - The Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA)
      - The Association of Colombian-Caribbean American Schools (ACCAS)
      - The Association of American Schools of Mexico (ASOMEX)


The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA)
NESA is a non-profit, voluntary association of more than 100 private, independent American/international schools in North Africa, the Middle East and South and Southeast Asia.  NESA's mission is to serve member schools "by facilitating sustainable and systemic school improvement based on the best practices of American and international education."


Please note that these links are provided for your reference and convenience only. NEASC does not control the listed sites and is not responsible for their content. Please see NEASC's website terms and conditions for more information.

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