About Us

The Commission on International Education (CIE) is the overseas accrediting arm of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc. located in Burlington, MA, USA.

The Commission is headed by CIE Director, Jeffrey C. Bradley, and CIE Chair, Christine McGrath, Director of Operations, Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents in Lexington, Massachusetts.  

The Commission consists of 12 members who serve CIE by gathering four times a year to review visiting team reports for continued and initial accreditation, along with progress reports,  five year-reports, special reports and preliminary and preparatory reports.  All reports that affect our candidate and accredited schools go before the commission for their input, discussion and decision.

CIE has a full database of trained volunteer-evaluators to carry out the work of the Commission and fill the teams that visit our schools to evaluate them against our standards for accreditation.


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